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December 4, 2007
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Carne Picada by Gabiton Carne Picada by Gabiton
Opening for a note about cloning. The title translate is "Minced meat" and aproachs to cloning like the recycle of the human flesh. kinda...

Work for school.

Texture and meat doll made in PS CS3, then assembled in Corel draw.
Hope u like!
clvictor Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2007
I like the treatment that you added to the type making a relationship between the image and the type. I think the the image needs little more work but the design as a whole is really good.
Gabiton Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2007
Yeah, im agree with u. I was going to make actually the doll with real meat, but for lack of time i didnt do it... Its really hard to make a minced meat doll in phosothop...
BTW this work is kinda old, about jun/07. I think i could do it better now but well...
Really apreciate the critism. Cheers!!!
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